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The Law Offices of Benjamin J. Halfhill, Effective Legal Counsel 

Our nation's founders sought to establish a nation built upon the rule of law that protected the rights of the accused.  Every day, our firm works to ensure that our clients receive the competent legal defense they deserve.  As your attorney, I am committed to excellence and have been successfully representing my clients since 2012. Whatever your legal needs or questions might be, I am here to provide competent and effective representation. Protecting your rights is what The Law Offices of Benjamin J. Halfhill does best.

Common Practice Areas

Reviewing the Law

DWIs and Traffic Tickets

The penalties for DWIs and traffic tickets can range from fines to license revocations and even jail.  I know how high the stakes can be, which is why I take the time to analyze each case for my clients and help them to arrive at the best possible outcome.

Judge Gavel


Common misdemeanors include drug possession and paraphernalia charges, assault, larcenies, resisting arrest, and shoplifting.  The penalties for some misdemeanors  include up to 150 days in jail.  I have handled literally thousands of misdemeanors and can help you understand the charges against you, possible penalties, and, most importantly, the best defenses.



There are ten classes of felonies in North Carolina and the consequences can include months or even years in prison.  An experienced attorney can evaluate the evidence against you, negotiate with the prosecution, and take the case to trial. Competent legal representation is essential at every step of the process to ensure that your rights, and your freedom, are protected.

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